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A small introduction about my self

Santhosh Ramaiah

Software Engineer

Proficient in Full Stack Web Development, Embedded IoT/Control System Solutions, and Mobile Application Development.

Technology facinates me, my aim is to understand the underlying hardware and software.

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Technical Skills

Breif pool of skill sets acquired over the years.

Embedded Dev

Backend Dev

Frontend Dev

Mobile App Dev


  • Code

  • Embedded Development

    NI Compact RIO
    Electronics Workbench
  • Backend Development

  • Frontend Development

    Angular Framework
  • Mobile App Development

    Android App Dev
    iOS App Dev
  • Computer Networking

    CCENT Certified

Work Experience

My previous associations

2y, 7m*

Mar, 2015 -

STERIS Corporation

Software Engineer
  • Develop Integration solutions for Operating Rooms and Simulation Centers.
  • Programming and deployment of new Crestron, C# and Ruby based control systems.
  • Top level support of existing products and systems.
  • Develop Software Libraries used in the control of third party devices.

1y, 9m

Apr, 2013 -
Dec, 2014

Louisiana Transportation Research Center

Hardware and Software Engineer
Sponsored for Master’s program as Graduate Research Assistant.
  • Programming in Crestron Control System (C++/RTOS/Motorola Coldfire Processor).
  • Developing Device Drivers for hardware to interface with Crestron Control System.
  • Interconnecting devices using protocols like I2C, SPI, RS232, and Ethernet(TCP/IP).
  • Configuring Video Conferencing Equipment (Cisco C40, Polycom VSX8000, Tandberg MCU).
  • Computer and Network Administration.


What I have done in my academic career

Dec, 2014

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Concentration in Computer Engineering

Other Courses
  • Embedded Systems from
  • Hardware/Software Interface from Univ Of
  • Computational Photography from Georgia

Jul, 2012

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

SJB Institute of Technology.

Concentration in Electonics/Communication/Networking


showcase of my works


  • chevron_rightDeveloper Full Stack-, similar to Craigslist but better.
    Develop entire website, mobile apps from scratch. Stack- Backend: Ruby - Sinatra, Postgres, PostGis, Redis. Frontend: AngularJS Stack, Javascript, HTML5, CSS. Hosting: AWS platform with various techs. Apps: Android Native Development - Java. iOS Native Development - Swift. BBB
  • chevron_rightHome Automation: control your home through twitter tweets.
    Control your home lighting, thermostats and drapes through twitter tweets. Simple "light kitchen on" cmd would turn on the kitchen lights. Stack- Android App Server. (for receving tweets and sending cmd to control system) Crestron Control System.


  • chevron_rightIntegration Solutions Medical Operating Room and Simulation Centers.
    Implement integration systems through Ruby Web App/Crestron for Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hosipatal University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University and Mayo Clinic. It's more like IoT for Hospitals, in which you control every device in operating room and interface to a single touch screen control. It's more than just control, we also need to handle video and audio routing and configuration (Audio Visual Systems). Coded for more than 40 Operating Room integration systems and supported more than 150 previous implementations.
  • chevron_rightMedia Streaming Server
    Led ground up development for a new streaming product (need to apply for patent- parent STERIS), which was completed in 2 months. The product is capable of live streaming 16 captured video end points and 24 audio endpoints (beast in processing). you can receive MJEPG and PCM Audio streams in any modern browser end points.
  • chevron_rightCentralized Heating/Cooling Control System.
    Implemented using Web App (Ruby - Sinatra) which provides a user interface for controlling the thermostats for each zones of the office space. Features like: Intelligent control of heating and cooling system during summer and winter, and Notification through SMS for temperature overflow or system failure.

  • LTRC

  • chevron_rightOffice Automation using Crestron
    Implement Crestron System to control equipments in multimedia class rooms and auditorium. This whole work includes control of audio processor (lectrosonics), video matrix swicthers (Extron/Crestron DM), projectors, lights, drapes, monitors and video conferencing/recording equipments. All this system is controlled through a work flow interface in iPad app.

  • Engineering (LSU)

  • chevron_rightTask Mapping in Many-Core systems
    Our main aim of this project is to propose and compare algorithms for obtaining low energy mapping onto many-cores. To cope with complex dynamic behavior of applications, it is relevant to perform task mapping during runtime, hence, heuristic approaches are taken instead of exhaustive search of the solution space. Some heuristic-based algorithms proposed previously consider placing tasks in order of largest communication volume. But the Placed Communication First (PCF) mapping algorithm introduced by Trahan and Elbidweihy and refined here performs task mapping based on largest volume of communication to already placed tasks rather than overall communication volume. Experimental results show that PCF provides average reduction of 41% communication cost compared to other algorithms on real application task graphs. To explore the problem space, we also consider randomly generated task graphs and make use of a scheduler with region selection in addition to mapping, showing similar results. The PCF mapping algorithm outperforms other mapping algorithms in many situations. github
  • chevron_rightImplement BFS, DFS and ASAP-ALAP algorithms in C++.
    Implemention of BFS, DFS and ASAP-ALAP with required details. BFS DFS ASAP-ALAP
  • chevron_rightSimulation of Carbon Nanotubes and its behavior.
    The main purpose of the project is to simulate and test the structure of Carbon Nanotube. Besides the simulation of structure of Carbon Nanotube the focus is also kept on the behavior of carbon atoms and their connecting bonds when a huge amount of physical force is applied on them. (CUDA/OpenGL/NVidia GPU). github
  • chevron_rightImplementation of TCP/UDP using RED, DropTail, and SFQ algorithms in Network Simulator.
    Network simulator is software or hardware that predicts the behavior of a computer network without an actual network being present. In simulators, the computer network is typically modeled with devices, traffic etc. and the performance is analyzed. Typically, users can then customize the simulator to fulfill their specific analysis needs. In this Project, we present a modification of the NS-2 code for the TCP/UDP standard protocols by adding the attributes specified in RFC 3550 that the native code which includes algorithms like RED, Drop tail and SFQ algorithms.
  • chevron_rightDynamic (OSPF) and Static Routing using Cisco Packet Tracer.
    Open shortest path first (OSPF) is a routing protocol which was first defined as version 2 in RFC 2328. It is used to allow routers to dynamically learn routes from other routers and to advertise routes to other routers. Advertisements containing routes are referred to as link state advertisements (LSAs) in OSPF.
  • chevron_rightImplementation of Chat process between Multiple Clients and Server using Python.
    The major aim of the project is to send and receive the data between multiple users and the server in one instant of time and to terminate the connection after the information is successfully sent. The Code for both the client and the server is written in python programming language. github
  • chevron_rightImplementation of OFDM system in MATLAB.
    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is the key technology for the next generation wireless communication systems. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is successfully used in 4G in mobile communication systems and in terrestrial video broadcasting systems. It is also showed it is a strong contender for upcoming modulation technique of future wireless communication systems. In this project, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is simulated and verified that can be adopted for wireless communication applications. Bit Error Rate (BER) and functionality of the OFDM model is analyzed for Fourier based OFDM (FFT-OFDM) over AWGN Channel. Besides, based on the given OFDM system a simulation model is implemented using MATLAB.

  • Engineering (SJBIT)

  • chevron_rightDesign of FPGA Based Robotic System for Aiding Partially Paralyzed Patient.
    Multi-specialty hospitals catering to increasing number of patients have limited number of assisting nurses. Presently, the nurses provide both important and minor assistance to the patients. However, they are inadequate to cater to the overwhelming number of patients. The patients, especially the partially paralyzed patients, need assistance in their routine chores such as picking and placing articles etc. The most effective solution to this vexing problem is to design a robot control system which can move about, pick objects and deliver to the patients, all controlled by the patients themselves. This assistance naturally will relieve the patients as well as the nurses. We propose FPGA based patient care and assisting system that takes orders from the patient and control a robot to act accordingly. The Proposed Robotic system uses Xbee Pro to receive patient orders from a Decentralized Nurse Station System (DCNS) wirelessly.
  • chevron_rightImage Compression using SPIHT algorithm.
    The aim of the project is to compress the images without much loss of data using 2D compression method. The proposed scheme is applied in a set of grey scale, color, and medical images. The wavelet transform is applied on input images. The wavelet co-efficients obtained from 2D wavelet transform are then compressed using Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) algorithm. The encoded data is again compressed using Huffman algorithm. The proposed scheme is implemented using MATLAB, which includes GUI based control. github
  • chevron_rightGesture recognition system to control Robotic System
    This project is based on developing applications using hand movements in air and to demonstrate it. A gesture sensor i.e., hand motion sensor using 3 axis accelerometer is used which is a wireless sensor. The system is designed in such a way that one can enter password not with keypad but by his hand gesture/motion in air. The sensors used are accelerometers which have tremendous application in various fields. The various applications of the sensors are in the field of automation and security. The main objective is to learn new technologies, new protocols and different new algorithm approaches which could be implemented in low cost microcontroller with limited code memory and RAM.

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